Skiing, anyone?

Yeah, not downhill skiing…are you kidding me?  Um, no, I am not interested in breaking my leg.  Or tearing my ACL.  Or breaking ribs like Tony Danza.  Enough trash talk about downhill skiing!

Mike and I have stumbled upon a really fun thing to do here when there’s tons of snow on the ground….cross country skiing!  It has easily become one of my most favorite things to do.  We rented gear from REI our first time and liked it so much that we took advantage of their winter sale and bought some cheap-o beginner skis for ourselves.  There are several Nordic ski centers around the state and New England which have lovely groomed trails for a small fee, but we’ve found that going to a state park or fairgrounds covered in snow is just as fun :)  We love it so much we’ve managed to go every weekend for the past several weekends.


Some blurry, snowy, iPhone images: