the royal polo match

It all started over a bottle of wine (good stories always do, right?!).  It was a lovely crisp white wine as the day had been warm (for Santa Barbara).  Mike and I were hanging out, being lazy, watching movies and perusing the internet on our laptops on a slow Sunday.

That’s when I saw the news article…Royal Couple Visiting Santa Barbara, or something to that affect.
“Eek, Ahh, OMGosh.”  I swooned and carried on.  I insisted that we had to go.  Mike didn’t seem too concerned that the Royal couple was visiting and that we could have a chance to see them in person.
I realized this would call for some great persuasion on my behalf.  Donning a ridiculous beach hat, I pranced around the house using a horrible, fake British accent, “Oh, Michael, we must go to the royal polo match.  It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I shall just die if I can’t go.  All the stars will be there, it will be educational.  It’s a historical event, one not to be missed.  Also, I can see Kate’s clothes in person.”
Unfortunately, the evening ended with “uh, let’s talk about this later.”  Whatever.
A few days later after my shameless, British begging expose, I arrived home late from a meeting, starving and just ready to go to bed.  Mike decided he wanted to run out for a late dinner…”Come with me,” he asked.  “Oh, alright.”  I agreed.  I met him at the front door, sans purse.
“Where’s your purse?” Mike asked a little alarmed.
“It’s taking a nap.  I’m not taking it.”
“I think you should get your purse.”
“I, uh, just think you should have it in case we need your driver’s license or something.”
“Oh, I already have that on me.”
“I’ll be right back…”  as Mike runs up the stairs.
“Take your purse!”  he says.
Sheesh, I’m thinking.  He must really like this new bag I bought.  Maybe I should get it in the white color as well.
I look into my bag and there’s an invitation…in honor of my birthday to attend the Royal Polo Match!
You would’ve have thought the man was proposing again the way I carried on.  Excitement and near fainting ensued.
Anyway, onto the good part.  Such a cool event and it really was a once in a lifetime event to be able to see Kate and William (I like to think that we’re on a first name basis).
The week leading up to the polo match, I was so excited…so excited in fact that I couldn’t stop using my fake British accent.  I’m sure Mike loved it :)
We were permitted to bring cameras so I was loaded down with my camera and Mike brought his trusty point and shoot:
The day started out foggy, but fortunately the fog burned off and the sun came out.  This is the infamous “June Gloom” of Santa Barbara that has spread into July.
They’re landing!  You could feel the excitement in the air from the crowd and there was a murmur going through the crowd, “They’re here, they’re here!”
The sun came out shortly after Kate and William landed, and so did the Champagne :)
Prince William warming up on the field!!
Before the match, all the players rode around the field, were introduced and then the National Anthem played.  Prince William is #4.
This little girl brought her Kate doll along…I may have to go pick up one of those  ;)
Below is Melissa Ganzi, the only female player on the field.  She’s an awesome and feisty player!
Melissa and Prince William tearing down the field…
Prince William is the player getting ready to hit the ball with his mallet…
Prince William in pursuit of the ball!
After the match, Kate presented the trophy to William’s winning team and gifts to the other team.  Mike and I were standing behind the press and I’m pretty sure the guys in front of me were a little irritated that I was asking them to move for my shot :)
A blurry close up from Mike’s point and shoot, isn’t she so pretty?!?
I’m still culling through the gazillion photos I took.  All in all, it was a fabulous day and thank you Mike for the wonderful/awesome/so amazing birthday gift!

alexis: santa barbara high school senior photos

I recently photographed Alexis, affectionately called Alex by her family and friends, in Santa Barbara in honor of her high school graduation!  I had so much fun photographing Alex, not only because she’s a fun and cute and happy model but it was a cool reminder and rush of feelings of graduating from high school (freedom!), enjoying your last summer as a kid (freedom!) and preparing for college (again, freedom!)  :)

Alex decided to be photographed near the beautiful, historic mission of Santa Barbara and she introduced me to a few neat trails nearby.  Alex is currently in France on a mission trip, but when she’s not saving the world, she’s an A+ student, amazing artist (she regularly has paintings on display around town) and is preparing for the next exciting 4 years of her life at Westmont!
Congratulations Alex and have a blast in France!!
I love them all, but oh, this is a fave!  :)  Rawr, Alex!
Happy Hump Day!

product share

A few weeks ago I shared one of my recent sample wedding albums and today I want to share a cute little brag book…I love these things!  I could seriously order one for each little trip or fun day that Mike and I have…they’re so cute!  I recently posted one on my family/child portrait website and wanted to share one this blog as well.  They are 3×3 inches and are actually magnetic, so you can stick them to your fridge :)

These are images from Matt and Katie’s wedding


wedding album share

Today is Thursday and normally I blog a Resource Room post and share a new wedding blog that I’ve heard about or a wedding planning blog that I just love, but today I decided to share a sample album I recently ordered.  This album is from Gina and Joe’s wedding and I just love it :)  It’s a 12×12…happy Thursday!  Can you believe it’s almost October?!



Last call for my newsletter!  Sending one out at the end of this week with holiday card session details, etc.  Lots of fun shoots coming to the blog soon…
I don’t blog my clients’ boudoir sessions but here’s a little snapshot from a recent one: