firestone vineyards, los olivos california: nicky and cara

When Mike and I moved to Santa Barbara, we knew absolutely no one.  I mean, absolutely no one.  The only person I knew for the first two months of living in California was our mailman and I’m pretty sure he got tired of me loitering around the mailbox asking him how his day was going while I complained about unpacking and $5 gas prices.

Some of our friends who had recently experienced the same events in life: graduate college, get married, go on a blissful honeymoon, sadly return to the everyday norms of life (I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I could live in the Caribbean full time) and move thousands of miles away from all family and friends…all within a matter of a month, or two, told us, “Oh, it’s so great for your relationship, to be alone and depend on each other.”
Yes, yes, that was all fine and dandy but after a few months I started to go a little stir-crazy…I had to get out and meet people!
Enter the Greenside family.  This super-sweet family has become like a second family to us…our California family, if you will.  When those random little holidays pop up or it seems like everyone else is hanging out with their family and we’re 2700 miles away from our family, they always invite us over  :)
So I was pretty excited to do something, such as, return the favor (without all the home cooked meals and board games!) so Nicky and Cara accompanied me to Firestone Winery for a fun shoot…Nicky started his own business when he was, like, a teenager and Cara is a talented equestrian and instructor  :)
Thanks guys!!  Happy Tuesday :)

ojai photography session

A few weeks ago I documented a fun, casual anniversary session in Ojai for Jodi and Jason.  Jodi and Jason are true jet-setters for their consulting business, The Womack Company and they travel all over the world for their business!  Jodi also hosts a women’s networking event each month called No More Nylons…if you’re in the area, be sure to check it out!  :)

We started their session near their home in Ojai and then worked our way up onto a few beautiful trails…Zuma, their lab, came along…I’m sure Bear would’ve loved to meet her  :)
Happy Tuesday!  :)

anniversary session

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Rodger and Kathy in Arroyo Grande, which is a beautiful beach town nestled in the Central Coast of California.  It was a gorgeous, buttery-golden afternoon and I just love these images :)



Happy Tuesday!

if you want things done right

you’ve gotta do it yourself!!!  Last night before I took off for LA, I pre-scheduled a blog post for this morning and for some reason it didn’t work…oh well!  Enjoy it now…it’s like reading yesterday’s newspaper ;)

As promised, below is a cute little slideshow of Abbey and Eric’s shoot  :)  I’ll be out of town all day Tuesday and Wednesday at a workshop in LA…woohoo!  I’m all about learning (in a fun environment, that is!!!).

I’ll be at Justine Ungaro’s studio for the Modern Portrait Workshop!  I’m so pumped!!  Can’t you tell with all my !!!!!
I’ll be returning emails ASAP on Thursday morning  :)
In other random news, did Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt really get married?!?  Oh, the drama of it all!
Happy Tuesday!