the resource room (47th edition)

Happy Thursday!

This week for the Resource Room I want to share one of my favorite websites, Etsy…but not just Etsy….Etsy weddings!  There are so many gorgeous accessories and wedding day must haves that you can get lost in there!  Go ahead and check it out, but I warn you, you should clear about 2 hours off your schedule today :)




And because this is a photo blog, here is a sneak peek from Nikki and Vance’s Charlotte engagement session!


More to come soon…!

the resource room (46th edition)

Happy Thursday everyone!  Time for this weeks installment of The Resource Room!

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July (yeah, I’m just a few days late on that…).  I had a fantastic 4th filled with lots of kayaking and beach going and eating and lots of reading  :)
Here are just two of the great books I read over the weekend:
In The Garden of Beasts, by Erik Larson.  This book is about a family that moves to Berlin during Hitler’s ascent for their father’s ambassador position…historical and suspenseful and sad.  But good…you should read it!
The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, by Aimee Bender.  Great read and very different from most novels I read.  The main character of the book can taste people’s feelings/emotions through the food they make.
OK, so now onto the resource room part of the post!  The blog I’m sharing today is one that I recently found and they actually have a dedicated blog for Charlotte and Charleston, but I’m sharing the Charlotte blog today.  Go check out the Wedding Row!

the resource room (45th edition)

What what?!  I decided to bring this back, like white jeans from the 80’s.  I actually had a few people ask why I don’t do this anymore (thank you people for reading my blog!) so I thought I’d bring back The Resource Room :)

Before I dive into my share for the day, I just finished such an awesome book last night.  It’s been on my Goodreads list for awhile and Mike just happened to receive it as a gift awhile back….The Art of Non-Conformity.  He received the book right before he left on a business trip…and here’s how this went down:
Me:  Oh Mike, I’d really love to read that book!!
Mike:  Yeah, me too.  So amped.  Gonna take it with me to Minnesota.
Me:  What? (as if he had just told me Santa Claus doesn’t exist!)  But I’d like to read it now.
Mike:  Um, it’s my book.
Me:  Gasp!  But I always read.  I’m the reader in the family!  What if I read it now, I’ll finish it today (this happens all the time) and I’ll fedex  UPS (that’s right, I’m a die hard UPS fan!) it to you in Minnesota.
Mike:  That’s just silly.  I’m taking with me.
A few hours later…
Mike is preoccupied with something, so I steal (forgive me!) the book out of his suitcase.  Thief!  I smugly hide it amongst my other books thinking I’ll start the book as soon as I get back from dropping him off at the airport.
A few hours later…
I return home from the airport, pour a glass of Cab and happily make my way towards my bookcase.  Only to find that The Art of Non-Conformity is not where I had left it.  I frantically search (geez, didn’t I have anything better to do that night?) all over my bookcase and I don’t see it.  Then it hits me.  I immediately text Mike…
Me:  I know you have it
Mike:  What are you talking about?  I have to turn my cell off, we’re getting ready to take off…
Me:  You have the book!!  You sneaky thing, you!
Mike:  Oh that, ha, yeah I have it.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.
Me:  I may just have to go buy my own copy!
Anyway, I finally got to read the book and I loved it :)  So check it out!
But I digress…on to the Resource Room part!  Most of my friends and several of my clients have their own blogs now, which is fun because everyone can stalk each other in their own private way by seeing who is up to what.  So I felt this would be a great post to share with anyone who has a blog or is thinking about starting one.
I love reading ProBlogger…there’s always insightful information for any blogger out there.  If you haven’t heard of it, then what are you waiting for, go over there right now and read about how to be a better blogger!

the resource room (44th edition)

Talk about a crazy week, or, crazy couple of weeks!  Bear sprained his sweet-precious-cute-tiny-little paw the other night after he jumped off the bed…I guess he was just so excited to see me after a long day, but I feel so sorry for him.  Bear has been taking it easy and I’ve been lugging his 80lb behind around since he shouldn’t put pressure on his leg…poor dog or poor Whitney’s back?!  :)

Aww, sweet Bear :)  He likes to sun bathe in our guest bedroom where the morning light pours in…I’ve been dragging carrying him in the guest room in the morning…
OK, enough about Bear, he always steals the spotlight!  Today for my Resource Room post I am sharing one of the industry’s most amazing calligraphers…she does incredible work and I love stalking her blog :)  Check out Laura Hooper’s blog!