I just got back from Japan!  This trip was insanely last minute but I’m so excited I got to go!  Sharing an image right quick from Sensoji Temple, but I will post more later :)



weekend getaway

Sometimes it’s fun to just getaway an hour down the road…and that’s just what we did last weekend.

Blueberry picking…we picked 10 pounds of blueberries!  Insane.  So yummy though.


What did you do this weekend?

new things in new england

Howdy!  I know, I’m the worst blogger ever.  I’m cringing because I can hear you say it, internet!

I’ve been avoiding blogging because as I mentioned awhile ago a new blog is in the works and I’ve been in denial about how long it’s taking.  But it’s almost done!  Really!  And, I can’t wait :)
Fortunately, my new website is ready, so mosey on over to www.whitneyelizabethphoto.com and check it out!  I also freshened up my portrait website so feel free to check that out as well right here!
And now i’ll make the “big” announcement that most of you know already!  We moved!  Woohoo!  Mike and I relocated to Connecticut from Santa Barbara just a few months ago for a great new job opportunity for Mike and so far the verdict is, we love it!
we bought a house!  (yay, gasping, excitement, thought the day would never come!)
With the key to our house (i love you, instagram!)
So what have we been up to?  Unpacking things and organizing the house, which is more of a disaster now than it was when we moved in.  We’ve been doing some fun house things like pulling up carpet and refinishing floors.  I’ll be sure to share but I’ll try not to turn the blog into a house restoration project blog!  I’ve also been getting my home studio set up (yay!  can’t wait to meet clients there) and eating lobster rolls as much as we possibly can.  Seriously.  You know those national hot dog competitions?  Well, I’m going to enter in the lobster roll eating competition and if there isn’t one, then I’ll just invent it!
Bear and Charlie are loving their new backyard, I think they were over the townhome living :)  I don’t know if they enjoy sharing our new home with two new pet rabbits (photographs soon!) but we’ll make it work :)  Speaking of the dogs…

Isn’t Charlie so regal?
We’ve also had family visit already and it’s much easier to be able to see our families now since we’re not 3,000 miles away (only 800!)…
My nephews Jackson and Benjamin came to visit with my parents in July.  They are growing so fast, especially compared to here and here.

And we did all kinds of fun touristy things…
And then Mike’s parents got to visit as well…
Mike and I have been trying to visit as many cool things as possible in New England and South of us…
Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park, Maine

Eating lobster rolls on the coast!
There will be more blogging on the way, I mean it!  But hopefully the new blog will make its debut very soon :)
In the meantime, a housekeeping note:
-Please pardon my online presence confusion while I update several websites and online listings from NC and CA to CT!  I still love to travel for weddings so if you do not live in Connecticut or New England please still feel free to inquire about my availability and rates.
That’s all, check back soon!!



Hello internet!  So much has happened since I last blogged (which began my internet hibernation period!).  A lot of great things to share and a lot of catching up, so let’s start where I left off:

November 2011:  Nigeria
I will have to devote an entire blog post to this…I joined NRI again for a medical trip to Ibadan, Nigeria…
December 2011:  Christmas in California
Took a trip to Mendocino…gorgeous!  A must see for sure :)

Some fabulous weddings from the end of 2011:  More to come soon!
March 2012:  Our 4th cross country trip, including some Canada time!
Feels so good to blog again, check back again this week!!

island time

A few weeks ago Mike and I traveled home for some business mixed with a little fun.  My family goes to the beach every year and this year was no exception.  The girls and the kids hang out on the beach all day, the guys go play golf and we eat lots of bad for you really good food!  As I’m wrapping up this busy week I’m looking through photos I took at the beach and kinda wishing I was back there!

This summer we went to Ocean Isle Beach…
A lot of people who live on the west coast don’t realize what the Intracoastal Waterway is…it’s pretty awesome!  It’s a narrow strip of water that creates little islands off the coast of North Carolina and in the summer is always filled with jet skiiers and boaters, etc.