orange county california engagement session

Long time, no blog people!  Been super busy around here, but that’s usually a good thing :)  It’s also hard to blog when I have a new blog design in the works, so it makes this one feel like a shabby old shoe that has seen better days!

Here is a gorgeous image from a summer engagement session in Orange County…can’t wait to share more of this session and their wedding!!!

the green uptown charlotte engagement session

Most of us grew up fortunate.  You know, like clothes-on-your-back, food-on-the-table fortunate. And most of us grew up very fortunate…playing sports, back-to-school clothes (kind of wish I was still in school for that!) and parents that would even move into a better school district so you could have a great education.  Enter:  Nikki and myself.  I grew up down the street from Nikki, as in, 3 houses down the street.  We were fortunate to live in a neighborhood where there were a few other girls who could play after school and borrow textbooks when you’d left yours at school and just a good, all around fun group of friends.  We rode bikes together and played cops and robbers, played on swingsets and occasionally enjoyed playing with Barbies and Legos.  Flash forward a certain number of years later and Nikki is getting married and asked me to photograph her wedding…yay!  It’s so special for me to photograph a wedding like this…I always strive to get to know my clients as it helps me to tell their story in a much more close knit almost family-like way.  So it’s exciting that I know Nikki’s story and I get to help document another chapter of her life, with Vance  :)

A few weeks ago I met Nikki and Vance on a Sunday morning in downtown Charlotte for their engagement session.  After we spent some time in Charlotte, we headed up the road to Concord, where Vance’s family has an awesome piece of property and my favorite:  cows!

Nikki and Vance, thank you for allowing me to capture your engagement session and I cannot wait for your wedding!!!
Happy Tuesday!

fort mill, south carolina dairy barn: cody and anna

I recently posted a sneak peek of Cody and Anna’s engagement session, so today I’m sharing the entire session and maybe a little back-story :)

Every couple, every session, every shoot is special to me in its own little way and this particular couple, this particular session, this particular shoot is no less.  Cody, Mike and I all went to college together (insert embarrassing photos here for another time and blog post! ;) ).  I met Mike and Cody during our first week at school together and from the start they both became very close friends to me.  Maybe because they were the “other major” crashing our honors Econ class or maybe because they had a balcony at their apartment and I didn’t or maybe because they are the kind of people you meet in life that you count yourself fortunate to know.  Cody and I became even closer over Christmas one year (the pivotal Christmas that Mike and I became “an item,” but I’m not going to hijack Anna and Cody’s post!), chatting on AIM (how 2002 do I sound?!) as we talked about the crushes we had and how hard our classes were.
Fast forward a few years later and Cody starts talking about this girl, Anna.  And he was talking very differently about this particular girl.  Mike and I would just smile because we knew, even though we hadn’t met Anna yet, we knew this was it.
And that was it.  Everything since then has become a blur.  Mike and I got married, we moved but I begged to be kept in the loop.  Every trip home to Charlotte, I would meet up with Cody and we would talk about the future, more pointedly, his future with Anna.
Not too long ago, Mike and I were in Monterey (you know, only my favorite little town ever) eating at my favorite cafe when Cody called.  Mike and I usually don’t take phone calls over dinner but when Mike said it was Cody, I impulsively said “pick up the phone!”  As we’re sitting at our corner table, Mike’s eyes become wider and wider, until he finally yells, “Duuuude, no way.  Duuuude, how exciting.”  I snatched the phone out of Mike’s hand…”tell me everything Cody!”
Cody had called to tell us that he had bought the ring and was proposing in the next few weeks on their Caribbean cruise.  Oh.the.excitement!!!  I thought I was going to burst I was so excited.  And I texted/called/emailed/annoyed Cody no less than 45 times over the next two weeks before their cruise.
So, what happened next?  Well, she said YES!
I’m so excited for y’all…for your wedding and everything that’s in store in your future :)  Can’t wait til July!

santa monica pier engagement session

Chrissy and Diarmuid have such a great story it just has to be told.  Diarmuid is from Ireland and Chrissy, born and raised in Boston, has since traveled the country and the world studying.  On a study abroad trip to Ireland, she met Diarmuid at a pub.  The love that unfolded between them in the small amount of time that Chrissy was in Ireland was so great that only a few years later Diarmuid followed Chrissy to the states.  :)  I can’t wait for their wedding!!

We started their engagement session on the beach right next to the Santa Monica Pier…
Then we walked along the park above the beach, where Chrissy and Diarmuid had one of their first dates in America…
Diarmuid kept us laughing the entire time :)
Happy Friday!!