hump day, sharing and caring

I’ve always been a big fan of Wednesdays…of course, Fridays are pretty awesome as well, but Wednesday to me signifies the halfway point of the week.  If I made it through Monday and Tuesday, by gosh, I will make it through Thursday and Friday no matter how busy things get!  I’m particularly pleased with this Wednesday because the sun is out, it’s looking as if it will be warm today and there are so many things I have to be thankful for!

I started keeping a gratitude journal late last year to remind myself of all the little things that happen everyday, no matter how small, that I am thankful for.  Some days are easier than others to find 3 things, but today, after having a great conversation with friends I quickly found my 3 gratitude items for the day…I could say I’m thankful for my friends, but I’ve already said that….no, today one thing I am thankful for is to have so many people around me to share ideas and thoughts with and just to be able to bounce dreams around.  You see, I’m quite proud of myself, as I child I did not like to share.  “Um, no you may not pick up my Barbie doll,” and “Just what exactly do you think you are doing my touching my monopoly playing piece…it’s my game!”  Fortunately, I kicked that bad habit to the curb and I love sharing my suggestions with others.
Speaking of sharing, my dear friends Alice and Kyu, the founders of NAPCP (National Association of Professional Child Photographers) have created a one-of-a-kind retreat for members and non-members in, wait for it, NAPA VALLEY!  The retreat will be held June 20-23 at the Meritage Resort and you guessed it, there will be lots of sharing and bonding and amazing speakers including Tamara Lackey and business expert Lisa MacKenzie!  To register for the retreat please click HERE!
And since y’all know how much I love wine…an ode to the grapevine…
Since we’re I am still talking about sharing, Into the Darkroom recently put a cool widget on my blog (below near the comments section) where you can share my blog posts on TwitterDigg or Technorati–have fun!
And here is a quick sneak peek of a recent shoot I captured for a local magazine…

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I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and Valentine’s Day!  Mike surprised me with a short trip to Monterey–one of my favorite places ever!  We had a delicious dinner at a sustainable seafood restaurant, Passion Fish, and then went wine tasting (who, me?!?) at a few organic wineries, including Heller Estates in Carmel Valley.

We grabbed this shot near Pebble Beach with our point and shoot: