one year anniversary trip!

I’ve been meaning to blog this for who knows how long, but better late than never, right? :)

Mike and I had such an awesome anniversary.  We weren’t even sure if we’d be able to take a trip, but everything worked out just right and we decided to check out San Francisco, Sonoma, Napa and some little towns along the way.  One thing for certain was that we wanted to take Bear, because let’s face it, I have separation anxiety when I leave that dog…I feel sorry for the few people who have watched him for us…I leave ALL my phone numbers (too many to count), emails, special notes of instruction and then Mike has to spend approximately 15 minutes pulling me away from Bear.  In the end, I’m glad we took him because we probably wouldn’t have made the trip without him, plus he had tons of fun roaming about SF (we took portraits of him by the Golden Gate bridge), he trotted the streets of Sausalito, stole pizza from us in Monterey, chased deer in Point Reyes and then he ever-so-calmly chilled out when we checked out a gazillion wineries.
OK, enough about Bear!  :)  We took 101 North for awhile and then jumped on Hwy 1.  But first, we stopped in Santa Maria…as we’re exiting 101, there is a giant shopping center to your left….I start complaining, “Miiikkke, why are we already stopping?”  He tells me he’s picking up my anniversary gift.  The only stores I could see from the highway were a Lexus dealership and a Petsmart…I told him if my gift was coming from Petsmart then he better just plan on buying himself a new car at the Lexus dealership because I was going to leave him in the dust! ;)  Mike ended up buying us a new digital camera in Best Buy!  Woohoo!  Thanks Mike!  :)
We stopped in Monterey for a bit and ate pizza on the beach…
After driving through Big Sur, we drove through tons of teeny, tiny, cute small towns and then I saw a sign for “Lighthouse 21 miles…” I said, “Let’s go!!!”  My only complaint about the Pacific Ocean is that it’s too cold and there aren’t pretty lighthouses like on the East Coast (OK, well that’s 2 complaints, but who’s counting???)
We drove out to Point Reyes and let me tell you, that little side trip was wayyy longer than 21 miles…almost ran out of gas!

Cows everywhere on the way to the lighthouse….LOVE them!
Once we left Point Reyes, we drove around for a loonnng time and we ended up on roads that we couldn’t find on the map…but I found this cool boat on the side of the road!
One of our cute, dog friendly hotels in SF:
Ahh, wine country!
One of the many fun gifts I brought home:
We had such a great time and I can’t wait to go again one day :)
Happy Friday!


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