The Great Blizzard of ’13

Yes, that’s what I’m calling it because, hello, this was the biggest blizzard in New England since the blizzard of 1888 and I’m now apart of amazing New England history (if you consider having to dig yourself out of your basement ah-mazing!!!).  Being from the South, I haven’t seen that much snow before (not the South, but the South).  Some Southerners haven’t even seen snow before.  Think of it as California’s fried chicken, finger lickin’, drawlin’ accent, sunburned cousin.  So when Mike and I heard about this “so called” blizzard coming down on us, we Pffed.  As in, “bwahaha, whatever” you crazy meteorologists! (I just had to google dictionary that word…my spelling skills are getting lame!!).

Fortunately we were still prepared from Hurricane Sandy in case anything happened, but we didn’t expect it.  Come Friday morning, when the storm was to start, it wasn’t even snowing yet and the governor of CT went ahead and declared a state of emergency…whaaat?  That’s just crazy we thought…

Mike even got to come home early from work because they had a mandatory interstate closing.  About this time it finally starts to snow.  Teeny-tiny-itsy-bitsy little snowflakes that you needed a magnifying glass to see.  Well, not me, because I have great eyesight, but you know what I mean.  I talked to my Dad for a few minutes on the phone and mentioned our teeny-tiny-itsy-bitsy little snowflakes and he laughed.  In my face.  Well, not really my face, because we were on the phone, but still.  Why the laughing, I ask.  Oh, you didn’t know, he says, the tiny snowflakes are the worst.  That means it’s a big storm coming and the small snowflakes last a long time…sometimes days.

I’m still not sure how he knows everything but the man is always right.  The snowflakes did get bigger, but not much bigger.  It snowed steadily from 11am until 9pm that night, which is when the blizzard was supposed to start.  Something about 3+ hours of 35+ mph sustained winds statewide makes it a blizzard.

Suddenly the wind started picking up and these little snowflakes, well, they got big,  Like, real big.  Big fat alligator snowflakes.  And for some weird reason, Mike and I got really excited…”Yeah, bring it Blizzard!!”  We figure if we’re going to move all the way here we want to see some action!

And action did we see.  We ended up turning in around 11:30pm that night after watching it snow for over 2 hours…like the old, married couple we are.  Saturday morning I wake up and the room is blinding bright…this is how I always know we got snowfall overnight because the snow, even if the sun isn’t out, reflects so much light in our room I just know it’s there.  I had to pick my jaw off the floor from what I saw.  I could see through our blinds that snow was covering the window.

Holy Cow!

I wake Mike up and we run down the hall (you would’ve thought it was Christmas, sadly no man in a red suit was waiting on us with gifts) but the sight before us was incredibly crazy…snowfall up the railing of our deck, covering our back and front doors waist high.  Right off the bat we knew we had at least 3 feet of snow.

Then we spent 4 hours 45 minutes bundling up in snowboard pants and winter coats and big boots only to realize we couldn’t get out of the front or the back door.  The snow had forced shut our screen doors.  We considered climbing out a window but ultimately decided to save breaking a leg for a different weekend and opted to dig ourselves out of our walkout basement door.  Insane, people, insane.

We measured over 52″ of snow drift in the front yard…


And bam!, it only took 3 hours to shovel our sidewalk…

Snow stats:

*40″ in our backyard, probably 40″ in the front yard but we had 5’+ snow drifts so it was hard to tell.  We live along the river valley and apparently were in the “heart” of the blizzard.  Thanks realtor!

*Once the plows came through (thank you, oh mighty public service that we pay taxes for!) we had 10’+ plow drifts in our front yard plus a torn down mailbox and gouged up driveway

*3 hours of sidewalk shoveling

*1 hour of pretending to shovel our driveway until our amazing neighbor saved our rear ends and spent 35 minutes plowing one side of our driveway

*1.5 hours shoveling out a “potty” area for the dogs.  Kinda hard to go to the bathroom when your toilet is over your head…darn that gravity

*1 hour making 2 homemade snow roof rakes

*4 hours raking snow off the roof

*The snow took just under 4 weeks to melt and then we got another 13″ of snowfall the day after I saw my first sprigs of grass.  Grass!  Beautiful green/semi dead stuff that I was going to roll in like a pig in mud.  It was over-the-top excitement, let me tell you.

I can’t make this stuff up people!



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