Spring…on my mind

I found this quote the other day on a blog that I’ve been a frequent reader of since 2007 and couldn’t help but fall a little bit in love with it:


“It is sometimes so bitterly cold in the winter that one says, ‘The cold is too awful for me to care whether summer is coming or not; the harm outdoes the good.’ But with or without our approval, the severe weather does come to an end eventually and one fine morning the wind changes and there is the thaw. When I compare the state of the weather to our state of mind and our circumstances, subject to change and fluctuation like the weather, then I still have some hope that things may get better.”

– Vincent van Gogh


In other news, I am reminded of Spring because the Top Dog hot dog stand has made an appearance in our tiny litte town and I snapped this image on my iPhone as Mike and I drove by:



Happy Spring!

garden time!

When we moved in last summer we decided not to risk planting a garden so late in the year since we weren’t sure how things would do here.  Knowing that New England has a short growing season, we decided this year to capitalize on starting seeds and rotating them around the windows in our house and a grow light and then “harden them off” once it gets to the 50 degree temps during the day.  We lived in a townhouse/condo type deal in CA and even though we didn’t have a yard we took advantage of every available space, nook and cranny we could find on our patio and learned how to use the benefits of trellises (grapes, anyone?) and hanging baskets (strawberries! yes, please!) and growing complimentary vegetables in giant planter pots.  But now, we have a whole yard.  A whole, entire yard!  We could seriously feed the whole neighborhood with all this planting space…but Mike is requesting that I take it easy our first year with the garden.  It’s like asking Zack Morris not to fight AC Slater over Kelly Kapowski.  OK, not really like that, but still!  I want to plant a gazillion things.  But we’re taking it easy…


For now.


Almost Springtime Hike

Mike and I took the dogs out for a little hike…mostly rolling and flat until the end where you climb for a bit and then see some great views of the river.  For whatever reason I didn’t even take pictures of the so-called “great views of the river.”  I call it “I’ve lost my mind because it’s not Spring yet.”



My sweet boys!


Getaway for the day: Providence, RI

One of my favorite things about living in New England is how we can take a day trip not just out of town, but out of state!  I think that’s the awesomest thing ever!  So we decided to check out Providence RI for the day.  Such a neat, funky, artsy town!  The downtown is old-feeling like Boston but it’s much smaller and has a quaint sort of feel to it.  Plus Brown University is here so it gives the city a college town atmosphere.  So many reasons to love it!  We just went for the day and we didn’t even bother taking along our “family” camera or any of my pro gear so I just snapped some fun shots from my iPhone….


Some of downtown…or downcity as they call it:

Very cool old colonial inn where we had some drinks and appetizers…




i love old white churches:


Another reason why Providence is so awesome…it has a river running through the city:



Mike got coffee around here somewhere…




We always try to find a local  bookstore to go in and hang out.  Of course I bought a few things!


The end is almost in sight

I got super excited a few days ago because I saw a teeny, tiny patch of grass.  It’s a big deal, people!  After having 40 inches dumped on us from the February blizzard it was exciting to finally see the green stuff again.  I almost went and rolled in it like the dogs do, but I didn’t, only because my neighbor was outside organizing his shed…

And then we got 13″ of snow.  Bye grass!  See you in 2020!  Because I’ll be living in Mexico then!  Drinking a margarita!  On a really hot beach!  So hot the bottom of my feet will burn but I won’t care!

Snow does crazy things to a person…



You can do it Bear!  I know he secretly hates all of us for making him leave California in his “golden years”


This is when I thought it had stopped but then the sky said “Oh no, I’m not finished ruining your day!” and we got a few more inches…