living area inspiration

I hope everyone enjoyed some time off during the holiday this past weekend…I know I did!  I enjoyed browsing through magazines and catalogs and catching up on reading.  I saw this little tidbit of inspiration while flipping through my Pottery Barn catalog.  I love this look because it can encompass some of your favorite images from your recent photo session without taking up too much wall space…perfect for sunrooms or living areas that have little wall space…enjoy!

napcp retreat recap

I am a little behind on blogging my recap of the NAPCP (a wonderful child and portrait photographer association) retreat (seeing as how everyone else has already blogged theirs), but I thought I would share a few images from the awesome photographers retreat that took place in Napa Valley at the beautiful and relaxing Meritage Resort and Spa.

NAPCP put together some amazing swag bags for the event…and I can say without a doubt that they were, hands down, the best swag bags ever (coming from the girl who has been to a gazillion workshops!)
A few cute images of our swag bags in the resort vineyard…
Every little detail was so well planned and thought out, you would have thought we were attending a wedding!  :)
A little wine tasting was enjoyed by all…
And, we all got to watch Dane Sanders and Tamara Lackey capture a live recording of…pretty awesome!
Happy Tuesday!

happy 4th of july!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated with travel.  I remember sitting in fifth grade listening to a classmate recount her “boring” family vacation in Washington, DC and thinking, “I can’t wait to go there…”  Fast forward fifteen years later and I’m thrilled with all the places I’ve been able to travel domestically and internationally and I am always planning my next trip…some trips have been to other industrialized countries, some are touristy trips and some have taken place in third world countries.
Just a few months ago, I was so fortunate to be able to visit Haiti to document the work of doctors, nurses and surgeons and when I landed in Fort Lauderdale from Port-au-Prince at the end of my trip back to the US and crossed the line through customs, the border agent took a quick glance at my previous destination and said earnestly, “Welcome home, Whitney.”  I literally started bawling right there in front of 500 people waiting to get where they were going…coming home never felt so good.
But no matter where I am, at the end of a long day of whirlwind travel and sight-seeing, I always have the same feeling…I am so darn proud to be an American and I think it’s part of the high that I get from international travel.  It reminds me of what an amazing home I have, the freedoms I have been granted that men and women I don’t even know fight for and I am reminded how lucky I am to be able to voice my opinion, run a business and vote for whomever I choose.  We should all be so lucky.
I read an interesting and emotional article in last month’s edition of the Real Simple magazine…in short, the article interviewed a few women who recounted their stories and obstacles of becoming an American citizen…here is one quote that resonated with me:
“I love being an American.  I love the fast pace of this culture, the ability to do a million things at once, and, most of all, the sense that there are infinite possibilities out there-all you have to do is grab hold of the one that you want.”
                                            -Maria Yoplac
Happy Independence Day everyone!  Celebrate in style…oh, and everyone be careful playing around with fireworks!  ;)

you’re only as young as you feel

Today I turn 25 years old.  There.  I said it.

Obviously my friends and family know how old I am (and being the youngest sibling, I take joy in always being younger :) ) but several industry acquaintances often ask how old I am.  And I am hesitant to inform them…maybe I like the mystery.  Most people are shocked when I finally tell them…hopefully it’s because I look young and not the other way around :)
Time is flying by at a breakneck pace and sometimes I find myself frantically searching for the pause button on the proverbial remote controller of life.  Sometimes I just stop in the middle of the day and think, “this is so not what I had planned,” but I don’t believe in regrets, so maybe instead of being disappointed in what I haven’t accomplished at this point I will celebrate the different path in life that I’m traveling on.
They say you’re only as young as you feel and if that’s true than I consider myself fortunate because I don’t ever want to grow up…
Happy day to all :)

heading out

I am sooo excited….since you probably don’t know, it is about 2AM PST and I am up writing this blog post, along with laundry, packing and consoling Bear, because I am off to Napa for the first half of the week and San Francisco/San Jose the second half of the week!!!  I am jetting off to the NAPCP (National Association of Professional Child Photographer) retreat in Napa Valley (!!!) and I couldn’t be any more excited!!!  Tamara Lackey and Dane Sanders are speaking and I can’t wait to hang out with all my favorite photographer friends!

Email is the best way to contact me through Tuesday, June 29….
Bear is really upset…I broke the news this morning and he staged a boycott by sitting in my suitcase…and then he broke it.  C’mon, the suitcase never had a chance against his 80lb body!!!!