Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore…

No, we’re not–but we weren’t in Kansas to begin with!
Wow, it’s been a *HUGE* move from North Carolina to California, but we (Mike and I) are slowly and surely adjusting to it!  Santa Barbara is a beautiful place and who doesn’t love the ocean?!?  But, there are several things that I miss: my family (obviously!!), my friends (what’s a girl to do?I keep running up our cell phone bill) and I really miss the humidity (I know, I know…I’m so weird).  OH! I almost forgot to say that I miss barbeque—vinegar based…Oh yeah!  I am creating a mental note to find barbeque in California…they have to have it somewhere, right?!?
Thanks for checking in on my very first blog post on my brand new blog  :)  Check back often because I will definitely be updating this one way more than my old blog!  And here is my very first blog photo: a recent shot near the harbor  :)